Hey there, I'm Melanie.

I am a photographer, storyteller, health coach and, my favorite role to date, Auntie to 7 of the cutest little humans.

I am a Minnesotan through + through. Our fall season is truly magical, I'm a die hard Twins + Wild fan -- despite how frequently and devastatingly they break my heart (unashamedly the world's biggest Packers fan living in MN, much to my grandpa's displeasure), we have the best state fair and lakes in the world, and there's nowhere more soothing to the soul than our North Shore.

I used to think photography found me by accident but the more I experience life, the more I believe there are no accidents. I was meant to capture memories just like you were meant to find me right in this moment!

I've been an emotional creative my whole life (where my Enneagram 4's at?!) -- I feel most comfortable writing or behind the camera, which offers me the unique perspective of emotional storytelling. My creativity cup is often overflowing by the end of a session and I already have a thousand words in my head ready to describe the magic that happened by the time I'm ready to share a sneak peek (which will be the very night of your session, otherwise I can't sleep!).

a little bit more about me...

  • I firmly believe a good hug or baby snuggles can cure almost anything.
  • My go to drink at Starbucks changes weekly because I am the world's worst decision maker.
  • If you could go pro in overthinking, I'd be a 3x world champion.
  • I believe love is love and the world would be a much better place if everyone was just a little kinder.
  • Nothing brings me greater joy than the 7 little humans that call me Auntie.
  • My favorite dinosaur is a Velociraptor, Free Willy still makes me cry (what doesn't, honestly), the ocean is my happiest place, my hair has been every color under the sun, and I'll never be done getting tattoos (#creative).
  • Most importantly, I can't wait to meet you!



“Melanie has captured the most precious memories of our lives including our engagement, wedding, maternity, and our babies. Her passion and expertise creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere that results in unforgettable moments and, with us, tons of laughter! We are forever grateful for Melanie, and her beautiful work. She holds a vast knowledge base of photography and is constantly creating breathtaking images. We would not only recommend her, but insist you book with her.”

additional testimonials

Nicole B.

"Melanie was AMAZING to work with! Not only did she take wonderful photos of our whole family, but she engaged my sometimes crabby/non smiling child and got the best smiling pictures of him!! It was a fantastic experience!"

Amanda + greg

"We've been having Melanie take our photos for almost 10 years. From our wedding to our most recent family photos in the fall. In all honesty there can be some sticker shock w/photos but starting with our wedding, we knew it would be worth having great photos to remember a special day. And honestly they still make me smile every time I look at them. So worth it. There really is no beating her quality. She's super fun to shoot with, our kids love her, and she takes a ton of great photos, including all the impromptu ones where the kids are messing around. The best part is, they really catch our kids personalities. We can't recommend her enough."