If you came straight here after finding my website, I'd like to ask a favor of you. I want you to go look through the Portfolio tab at the top -- and while you do that, I want you to think about how those images make you feel.


Go on. I'll be right here when you get back.

You did it, right?!

Ok then -- did you smile? Laugh? Maybe tear up a little? Did you think back to the days of your kiddos in their newborn days or look ahead to their future milestones? Did you simply...feel something?!

I hope you did. Because picking a photographer isn't just about cost, it's also about connection. It's about trusting someone you, quite possibly, just met to bring out that expression in your child you know is hard to come by, it's about trusting someone to make you feel comfortable and confident. That unspoken connection is so important and it starts with choosing a photographer you can feel that connection with through their photos.

I also truly know that cost plays a factor and that's why I aimed to create a package that is affordable and lets you walk away feeling like you got your moneys worth!

I decided to go all-inclusive because I know how hard it would be for me to walk away from a session without all my photos and I couldn't ask you to do something I wasn't willing to do myself. All-inclusive means you get every image in your gallery! I guarantee a minimum of 30 images but almost always double that -- I will never not give you an image just because there's already 30 good ones (that should be illegal)! Your session will be anywhere from 45-90 minutes and you'll receive your full gallery + a print release for $595 + tax.

I do require a $300 non-refundable retainer when booking to hold your date. The balance is due the day of your session. Payment plans are available upon request.

Prints + products are available for purchase through your gallery should you choose to order through my professional lab.


What if I need to cancel?

Should you need to reschedule, please let me know as soon as possible. Your retainer is non-refundable but you may transfer it to a new date.
If you need to reschedule, non weather related, more than twice, a new retainer will be required.
As an explanation: each date I book that ends up rescheduled is loss of income for me and a space I could have booked another client. I fully understand things can happen, which is why I allow two reschedules before a new retainer is required.

Do you shoot weddings?

I take very limited weddings and will only shoot them under specific conditions. If you are interested in more info, please send me an email!

Do I have to order prints through you?

No, you do not. You will have the option to print through your online gallery -- those prints come straight from my professional lab, which is the only place I can guarantee quality but you will receive a print release with your gallery allowing you to print anywhere you'd like.

How long until I get my photos?

Your gallery will be ready within 2-3 weeks of your session!

Do I get copyright of my photos?

Copyright and print release are often confused when it comes to photography. While you *will* receive a print release, allowing you to print your photos as often as you'd like and wherever you'd like, copyright remains with me.

Where will you take our photos and what should we wear?

Both very important questions!
We'll discuss both of these after you've booked your session . I have a variety of locations I use frequently -- once we've established what style you're going for, I'll send you some suggestions.
As far as what to wear -- I will be as involved or uninvolved as you'd like! I am happy to send recommendations and help you narrow down outfit choices as your session nears.

Can we bring along our family pet?

Enthusiastic YES! Any time someone asks if they can bring their pet (generally a dog), I practically insist. Your 4-legged friends are just as much a part of your family.
Note: if by "family pet", you want to bring a snake, well, we'd better chat first... (alligators welcome though, big fan of gators)

Do you backup or otherwise secure images for protection?

This is a great question! Let me tackle those separately:
1 -- backup: I guarantee your photos for a full year from your session date. I *never* delete old sessions and backup in multiple locations so chances are I will have your photos forever. With that said, technology has been known to fail from time to time, so your photos are only fully guaranteed for a year. I do recommend you store your photos in multiple locations as well!
2 -- image protection: while your gallery is active, it will be password protected so only those you give the password to will be able to access your photos. Additionally, they will be watermarked until you download them.

Ready to Begin?